Beautifully crafted colour changing night lights

gently guiding your family to dreamland

Cloud pattern night light
Wall Mounted Night Light Clouds Design
Wall Mounted Night Light Clouds Design
Wall Mounted Night Light Clouds Design
Cloud pattern night light

Your lifelong companion

Life stage

Baby (0 – 12 months)

Low light to help feeding & nappy changes at night
Low light helps parents & babies get back to sleep quicker
Distraction that helps with soothing


Toddler (1 – 3 years)

Helps signal bedtime
Reduce early morning awakenings
Keep monsters away


Preschool (3 – 5 years)

Comfort item (familiar beacon in the room)
Feel safer when waking up at night
Learn all colours of the rainbow


Gradeschooler (5 – 12 years)

Decrease recovery time after a nightmare
Helps navigating to the bathroom at night (hallway)


Teen (12 – 18 years) & Young adult (18 – 21 years)

Helps navigating the home when coming in after bedtime (e.g. foyer)


Get back to sleep quicker

Our brains are buit to switch on at sunrise. Unfortunately bright indoor lights also trigger this response. We need to see when we attend to our babies, but we also need to get back to sleep quickly. The night light helps you see by shining just bright enough. You can maximise sleep, while providing the little one with all the love and care she needs.

Signal bedtime

Many things in the human body work in an subconscious manner. Switch the night light off during the day and when it is time for bed, switch on the nigh light to signal bedtime. When done consistently your little one subconsciously associates the night light with sleep.

Reduce early morning awakenings

Combine the night light with a digital timer socket (Amazon, Makro), and set it to automatically switch off in the morning. This way (with a little coaching) the little one knows when to go back to sleep, and when to wake up.

Navigate to the bathroom

The bright light of the hallway and bathroom lights can interfere with our sleep cycles. The nigh light provides enough light to easily navigate the obstacle course to the bathroom and back, helping everyone return to sleep quicker.

Decrease recovery after a nightmare

A night light immediately comforts as a familiar beacon in the room, and helps with re-orientation and recovery. The nigh light also has the added benefit that it chases monsters away with its rainbow colours because it is a well known fact that monsters can’t come near rainbows.

Designed for Perfection

Wall mounted

The lalalighthouse night light is wall mounted, hung on a wall just as a picture frame would. Fits perfectly and elegantly on the wall, easily illuminating the area of interest.

Simple to use

Just one button. A short press changes the colour pattern. A long press changes the brightness. A long press for 5 seconds turns the light off. A short press turns the light on again.

Customizable design

When the “customise” design is selected in the shop, we will create a custom design pattern for the night light, or create a custom light pattern to suit your requirements. We work side by side with you to bring you your desired result.

20+ Color patterns

The night light comes with more than 20 colour patterns.

Adjustable brightness

With a long press of the button, the brightness starts to change similar to a dimmer switch. You can release the button at any time to keep the current brightness level. Minimum and maximum brightness is indicated with a gentle white flash.

Low power usage

The lalalighthouse night light uses efficient LED technology. The night light consumes less than 2.5 Watts of energy at its peak, and averages around 1.5 Watts. This means you can keep the night light on all night worry free.

The lalalighthouse quality promise

We dream, design, manufacture, and distribute night lights. Individually hand crafted and quality tested, our night lights are built for form and function. Our night lights are color changing, with many color patterns to choose from, ranging from vibrant to subtle. Designed to be more than just an ordinary night light, the wall mountable design fits comfortably alongside your family pictures and framed art pieces.  Suitable for baby rooms, dark hallways, foyers, and any other indoor location that requires subtle night time lighting. The night lights utilizes low energy LEDs and consume less than 2 Watts on average which means your night light can stay on all night long. 

Locally manufactured in South Africa. Shipped globally. 

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