Our Story

Lala is the Sesotho word for rest. The lighthouse guides sailors home at night. In your home lalalighthouse guides your family all the way to lala(dream)land. Peaceful slumber is our business.

It started with a conversion of a wall light that we received as a present in anticipation of the arrival of our adopted baby girl. The conversion transformed it from an incandescent into a color changing LED night light. Through this process and numerous subsequent iterations, the idea grew from a once off project to a “what if” business idea.

Our logo is the combination of a lighthouse, sitting on top of the moon. It signifies the light guiding your family to lalaland at night.

It has always been a dream of mine to run a small business. I’m a firm believer that creating even the smallest of job is the most effective way of addressing poverty and the country’s social problems. My hope is to use this business idea to reach this goal. 

This venture is brand spanking new, and with newness comes the opportunity to learn. With your support we could be a roaring success, making our (and your) dreams come true. We rely on word of mouth for sales, so please spread a good word. Please make use our social buttons at the top and bottom of this page. We are ever grateful for your support.

Lalalighthouse logo