Wall mounted night light installation

This user manual will guide you through your night light installation process. All it takes is a drill, access to power and an open spot on a wall. First familiarise yourself with the different parts of the night light.

night light installation

Night Light User Manual

Night light installation

Step 1: Install the screw

Choose a spot on the wall where you would like the night light to be positioned. When installing in a brick wall, use a drill bit of diameter 5mm, and drill at least as deep as the length of the plug. Use a hammer to insert the plug into the drilled hole, then use a screwdriver to screw the screw into the plug.

Step 2: Hang the night light

Hang the night light from its hook onto the screw so that the bottom foot rests neatly on the wall. If the hook struggles to catch, or the night light bottom foot does not touch the wall, turn the screw back a few turns to make more room for the hook.

Step 3: Power the night light

Make sure the wall socket is switched off. Connect the power adaptor to the wall socket and connect the night light power cable to the power adaptor cable. Wind up excess cable near the power supply, and use the provided cable tie to neatly tie it together. Turn on the wall socket and see the night light come to life!


Changing the Pattern

To change the pattern of the night light, briefly press the button. There are more than 20 different light patterns to choose from (e.g. fast changing or slow changing). The fast changing option comes before the slow changing option.

Changing the Brightness

To change the brightness, press and hold the button for more than one second. When the night light reaches maximum or minimum brightness, the night light flashes white. When the desired brightness level is obtained, simply let go of the button.

Switching off the Night Light

To switch off the night light, press and hold the button for approximately 5 seconds. The brightness will vary during this process, but it will not change from your previously chosen setting once the night light has been switched off.

Turning on the Night Light

To turn on the night light again, press the button once.


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